who we are

We are a network of various organisations representing Costume & Production Designers, as well as other artists and professionals working for Production and Costume Design, from all over Europe.

We first met in Paris in June 2016, then in Rome during November 2017, and finally held our General Assembly of Inception in Berlin during November 2018, where we defined our statutes (English / French). Our principle aims are:

  • to use our professional network to meet, to exchange ideas and knowledge at a European level
  • to promote our professions and defend our rights and accomplishments
  • to actively promote and support initiatives towards race-, gender- and pay-equality and to fight against any form of abuse in the audiovisual industry
  • to support our crafts and tools and create a vivid exchange with our educational institutions
  • to create European activities and publications and make our professions visible to colleagues of the other departments as well as the public
  • to exchange and collaborate with FERA, IMAGO, OISTAT and similar initiatives on common projects

Our next meeting shall be in Denmark during November 2020. If you are interested to join us, please send us an email.

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Paris 2016 :

Invited by french association ADC, the following production designers from Austria, France, Germany and Italy (Switzerland and Great Britain could not come) met at the Femis in Paris, to discuss the pros and cons of the creation of a European federation:

AT: VÖF (Christoph Kanter, Alexandra Maringer), DE: VSK (Maximilan Lange, Olivier Meidinger), FR: ADC (William Abello, Michel Barthelemy, Riton Dupire-Clement, Anne Seibel, Valerie Valero), FR: MAD (Pauline Bourdon, Laurent Tesseyre), IT: ASC (Alida Cappellini, Giovanni Licheri, Valeria Paolini).

Rome 2017 :

Responding to a call by the Italian association ASC, representatives form 6 countries / 7 organisations came together at Cinecittà, where we discussed all this more profoundly, and set up the basic guidelines for the federation’s creation:
AT: VÖF (Birgit Hutter, Alexandra Maringer), CH: SSFV (Monica Rottmeyer), DE: VSK (Maximilian Lange), DK: DS (Sarah Maria Fritsche, Anja Wessel), FR: ADC (Michel Barthelemy, Chloé Cambournac, Laure Lepelley- Monbillard), FR: MAD (Stéphanie Bertrand, Laurent Tesseyre), IT: ASC (Livia Borgognoni, Giovanni Licheri, Anna Lombardi, Carlo Poggioli).
The following organisations could not come to Rome: FI: TEME LP, FR: UDS, GB: BFDG, PT: APCEN.

Berlin 2018 :

After 3 years of debates, we finally met in Berlin on November 10th 2018 – at our General Assembly of Inception : 27 artists from 11 countries were speaking for 13 organisations representing Costume & Production Design professionals. Together we created the statutes, the backbone of ARTSCENICO, our international federation for our organisations, representing artists working for Costume & Production Design from all over Europe.

The General Assembly was framed by a visit to the Babelsberg studios on Friday and a panel discussion on copyright on Sunday.

Vienna 2019 :

From 8-10th November our 2nd General Assembly was hosted by the Austrian Filmdesigners Association (VÖF) at the Metro Kinokulturhaus :
30 official delegates from 11 organisations / 8 countries were present (AT, DK, FI, FR, GE, IT, NL, UK), 3 other members joined us online (CH, ES, PT). For more information about our member organisations please visit de dedicated page.

Friday we had a guided tour through Vienna and a brief Administration Board meeting.

Saturday was dedicated to our General Assembly:
After a debrief of what happened during the last year, our Treasurers presented the various and very different financial situations of our members as well as a a budget proposal for ARTSCENICO.
We discussed the results of our logo competition and voted for the winning designer: Tiziana Amicuzi from Italy. (We still have some little amendments, the final logo shall be presented during 2020.)
During the afternoon we welcomed 3 guests, with whom we seek to collaborate more closely from now on: Inbal Weinberg (Production Designers Collective), Zora Bachmann (Interface Film), Sarah Horton (Rosco Digital).

For Sunday we had organised an international panel on Green Costume & Production Design Initiatives : FILM FOR FUTURE. (moderated by Mercedes Echerer (AT), with William Abello (FR), Aude-Line Dulière (BE / UK / USA), Philip Gassmann (GE), Kirsi Gum (FI) and Vivien Malzfeldt (GE). – More information : FILM FOR FUTURE.

Please email us, if you are interested in the full protocol.

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